Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review: A Resounding YES

     WaterBrook Press recently furnished a complimentary copy of The Gospel of Yes in exchange for an honest review. Who are you? Where does your identity lie? And why are you here? The great philosophical questions of every age are looked at once again, but in a biblical manner. Author Mike Glenn, senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, affirms what God has in store for the reader. Although the world has told us "no," since the Fall, God continuously offers a positive, restorative "yes." Beginning with Creation God has wanted to walk with us and us with Him. But, as sin took hold and tries to ever suppress God's work, God's mandates and laws sometimes look as if they are here to oppress us in the eyes of some. The world distorts and twists God's beauty and truth.
     Glenn journeys through Christ's path and mission on earth and explicitly lays out the freedoms found within. The Gospel of Yes when read is like peeling an onion. As he shows the redemption and reconciliation we have in Christ to God's original design slowly you get to the core, the soul of our being and see its true essence. The world has been sloughed off and you are free to be in His will. You are free to be loved and to love. You will see what a wonderful piece of God's workmanship you are and that realization can enable you to serve God for His glory alone. What an honor it is.
     Our mission is a part of Christ's mission of restoration. God wants us to affirm His "yes" for us. Every believer has been gifted to be a working member of His church and bring the Kingdom to earth. So often the world, be it holding onto anger, fear or laws that inhibit, stop us from following the divine path He wants for us. Glenn doesn't hand you a manual, but a path to ponder.
     I was enamored with Glenn's passion for the work of Christ. Whether you are a new believer or a rather seasoned one, The Gospel of Yes, is a lovely encounter with Jesus. Glenn brings a freshness to his writing that wrapped me up into his line of thinking. In fact, I enjoyed the book on the whole to the point I was disappointed to set it down.
     The Gospel of Yes is one of those volumes that ultimately will be a different experience for all who read as every reader is uniquely created. In 209 pages Glenn will lead you into the unknown. For the outcome of your journey just might surprise you. May you answer God's call with a resounding YES!    

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