Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Review: Find Your Rhythm

First, a big thank you to BookSneeze on behalf of Zondervan for the complimentary copy of God in My Everything in exchange for a review.
     In today's culture it is all too easy to find ourselves caught up in the rat race, finding we are growing weary and mindlessly going at it day after day. Author and pastor, Ken Shigematsu guides the reader to find their rule, their rhythm and allow God into everything. God in My Everything: How an Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy God is a book that will really help create a vision where life becomes worship and God is found everywhere. Rather than allowing daily work dictate chaos, we can choose to be intentional and set the pace for ourselves.
     Shigematsu creates a trellis to demonstrate the various support bars and crossbeams that anchor us into God, into our ground. Sabbath, prayer and sacred reading allow us to establish roots firmly into Christ. It is from this firm foundation we build up and out allowing our vines to flourish. Relations, restoration and reaching out subsequently follow. He wisely plants a holistic approach to a healthy rule of life. When one factor is neglected slowly the trellis weakens giving way to further decay. How can we abide in Christ if our vine does not have the necessary support?
    There are plenty of books that attempt to assist readers to find balance. There are quite a few good ones. However, most do not incorporate the various facets of life as Shigematsu does. He addresses it all; there isn't a facet I can think of that this book does not cover. In each chapter many suggestions are advised and dissected to help the reader establish their own rhythm. The lovely thing is they don't all have to be used to find balance. You may realize your life is out of balance in one aspect and not another. Little by little we can cultivate a life that flourishes with and in Christ.
     I found God in My Everything to be a very relaxing read. Shigematsu's writing exudes a balance of gentleness, peace and sound doctrine. Although, each chapter stands alone, there is a cohesiveness that binds them together into a beautiful whole. As I read from day to day, I realized how some of his suggestions and overall awareness of God in my life began to seep into my life in an organic manner.
     These pages would be well-suited for anyone wanting to slow down and figure out how to lead a life that incorporates God. All too often God is reserved for Sunday mornings. God wants to walk with you through it all and be your everything.


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