Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Review: Into the Deep

Master Books provided a complimentary copy of Don't Miss the Boat in exchange for an honest review.
     Don't Miss the Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat is a great way to delve into the depths of the Flood in layman's terms. Author Paul Taylor guides the reader first into the exposition of some chapters of Genesis theologically explaining things in a comprehensive, yet understandable synopsis. Subsequently, without compromising biblical fact Taylor covers antediluvian times to the post-Flood world in a scientific, discernible manner.
      Taylor investigates the Flood with a very precise, educated mind,  but in no way lacks biblical authority. Many so-called Christians have compromised their faith in the Bible in order to succumb to the mindset of the secular, scientific world. Fortunately, many creationists have refuted evolutionary claims, while defending the biblical account of the Flood with scientific evidence. This information will help educate the believer and provide fodder for discussions with non-believers.
      My absolute favorite aspect of Don't Miss the Boat had to be the logical, concise refutation  against arguments made by evolutionists. The evidence when lined up with the biblical account simply makes more sense. Taylor made it an adamant point that fault often aligns with our presuppositions. The key for creationists is to first hold the Bible true and realize a lack of evidence for something may be just that, a lack, rather than false findings. Whereas, others may try to use missing evidence as proof. Creationist science works with the firm foundation and builds up. Evolutionists try to build their religion with their findings.
     If you are interested in building your faith or simply questioning the Flood, Don't Miss the Boat is an excellent resource. The facts are astounding and all point to an amazing Creator. This is a fairly easy-to-read book. I say that with a slight smirk, as I had to read several paragraphs over to wrap my mind around some new scientific material. Neutrons and atoms aren't my cup of tea. Yet, I am blessed to have read this book and hope you will begin this journey too.


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