Saturday, October 26, 2013

Book Review: A Soundly-Built Book for a Soundly-Built Marriage

Lift Up Every Voice in conjunction with Moody Publishers provided a complimentary copy of the featured book in exchange for an honest review.
     Dr. Johnny C. Parker, Jr. has written a book with well-to-do advice to build or remodel a marriage upon the firm foundation of Christ. In Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room readers of both sexes will find helpful information that can invigorate stale marriages. Let's face it, marriages cycle through the good and the bad, the highs and the lows and sometimes we get stuck in the pits. Parker methodically journeys room by room, or in other words, the many facets to marriage, and asks for couples to invest in one another in a myriad of ways. The differences between men and women are respected and celebrated by one another.
      After establishing what a marriage is not, Parker establishes what a marriage can and should be. The chapters range from communication to forgiveness and respect to lovemaking. Each chapter separately stands well alone. So, if a couple was struggling in one area they could very well focus on that chapter together patching up any holes in that room.
      The content of Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room is biblical and fair. The writing takes a very neutral stance and addresses both the responsibilities of the husband and the wife. I like the fact that a couple can use one easy-to-read book to help them love one another as we are called to do. Some marriage books seem to be a bit harsh leaving a bad taste in the mouth, yet this one is easy to digest and apply. Although, I did find the analogies a tad nauseating at times. I am all for allegorical writing, but only when it is done in small doses and some pages were heavy-laden.
     Dr. Parker certainly penned Renovating Your Marriage Room by Room with wisdom and care. Even if your marriage is strong, this book would help make it stronger. Maintenance is key. Really any couple who wants to seek out godly wisdom would make a wise decision to work through this book together. If your marriage is suffering and one party is unwilling to work together, this book could still be beneficial for the willing party as long as it is read with an open heart. I do hope you find that a strong marriage is built from the ground up in Christ alone and gift yourself to one another.


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