Thursday, January 13, 2011

Found a Kick Start

      This morning started off well enough. The kids were fed. I had my coffee and was feeling pretty good. In fact, I was looking forward to our school day.
      I actually was motivated to do some chores and furniture arranging before my energy dropped. Usually by noon, my energy is low and I am looking to find time for a nap. With the fibromyalgia a nap often is a necessity.
      The doctors recommend to get active which is the last thing on my mind these days. However, I decided to conquer the onsetting fatigue. I was having a hard time getting the kids involved with their work at this point anyway, so I sent us all outside. The kids were to pick up twigs and rocks and whatever other goodies they could find for a collage. I saw the sun and was instantly perked up (in actuality it was more like a few minutes). To me though it was a triumph.
     We came back into the house and made abstract faces with the art supplies we found. Art became a part of our lessons today and we enjoyed God's creation as well.  The kids were so happy to be outside after a week and a half illness that they spent some quality time on the swings. Thanks to their youthful energy, I went out again too and found some energy myself all in a homeschool day.

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