Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review: Promised Good Read

     BookSneeze sent me a complimentary copy of Shelia Walsh's new book The Shelter of God's Promises on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing. Every person has ups and downs in life, but Christians have the promises of God to hold on to during the storms. Walsh uses personal anecdotes and biblical examples of resting in the arms of God. In 10 chapters she brings to light the promises, such as peace, confidence, grace and strength, that we can rest in as we endure the valleys of life. At the end of the book is a corresponding Bible study for those that want an in-depth look at each promise.
     I have enjoyed reading a couple of her other books in the past. The Shelter of God's Promises is my favorite thus far. Walsh writes with a smooth style and what really comes across to me is her intelligence and knowledge of the material. Not every one is able to apply biblical principles in everyday life in a fresh manner. She likens resting in His promises as finding shelter in a cleft of a rock. No matter the pounding ferocity of the storm, there is a peace we can find in the shelter. We can stand sure in God's love and grace.
     Each chapter is great for a rather quick sitting or a bedtime read. Walsh conveys her love for God in every word. I found myself reflecting a lot on how God has answered my prayers and fulfilled many promises in my life. Though I am an avid reader not every book I read touches me so tenderly. When I do find a book such as The Shelter of God's Promises I make sure to peruse it's pages over and over to treasure the words deeply.

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