Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review: Stepping Out in Faith

     Book Sneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing blessed me with a free copy of Max Lucado's latest release Outlive Your Life.  Lucado guides the reader through excerpts of the Book of Acts in attempt to draw your own call to bless others. The young church after Christ's resurrection was breaking barriers and stepping out of comfort zones as God led them. Christ's salvation was being offered to everyone despite color, gender or creed. The people were taking care of one another. Where as Christians do we stand?
     I was so excited to receive this book. His books excite my soul. I want to run out and tell others not just about the book, but about God's love. Of course, I am a huge Max Lucado fan. His style of writing flows from his pen as if he were having a conversation with the reader. Yet, his books are always thought provoking and make you reconsider some of your values, actions and beliefs.
    Oddly enough, my pastor has been walking us through the Book of Acts, so this book was truly an extension of the current conversation. What am I doing for God? Am I bring him glory? What other ways can I step out in faith to bless others?
     Outlive Your Life probably isn't for the unbeliever and it may not be suited for those new to the faith. However, for believers wishing to grow, this book is wonderful. It can begin the conversation or be a continuation of the conversation. The greatest hope that I have for anyone reading this book is to strengthen their faith and renew their confidence to step outside their normal box and show the world God's love for all.

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