Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hope on Israel

    My latest book that I received courtesy of Booksneeze and Thomas Nelson Publishing was Seeds of Turmoil by Bryant Wright. In this book Wright attempts to explain modern-day problems in the Middle East in historical terms going back to the time of Abraham. He states that the problem between Israel and the Arabs stems from the sin of Abraham and Sarah taking matters into their own hands when having Hagar carry Abraham's seed. God fulfills his promise and blesses them with their covenant child, Isaac, in Sarah's womb.
    I honestly thought this book might be a touch on the dry side. However, the depth of biblical insight into the history of the  peoples of the  Middle East was compelling. Wright didn't rehash the problems in modern terms over and over, but concentrated on the sin that was committed thousands of years ago that we can see reverberating through that region and the world today.
    As I read Seeds of Turmoil I was drawn into the lives that played out so long ago. How could Abraham, Sarah and Hagar know their plan to produce an heir would cause problems for such a long time? When God promised Abraham that he would be the father of a vast amount of descendants did he truly fathom the scale God was speaking of?
    Today as Christians we believe Israel has been restored rightfully. We are commanded to love each other as well as our enemies.  In Seeds of Turmoil Bryant suggests that Christians pray for Israel,  for peace to come to the region and for the Arabs as well. Christ came to save all.  John 3:16. This book is an interesting read for those concerned with modern-day politics and biblical history. I wouldn't recommend Seeds of Turmoil  for a young reader nor for someone new to Christianity.

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