Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Book Review: A Strong Book

     Tyndale Publishers provided me a free copy of Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson in exchange for an honest review. What does it look like to run the race that Paul envisions for the faithful Christian? What should our faith look like and how are we equipped to do that? Patterson explores those questions in this uplifting volume as he includes personal life excerpts and biblical examples. As the Apostle Paul would encourage us to persevere through the thick and thin of life knowing our hope is in Christ alone, so does Ben Patterson.
     As an athlete doesn't dive into his sport as a professional, so should the Christian look at his life. An athlete trains strenuously before competing with an ultimate goal in mind. Likewise, believers are to keep their eyes focused on the prize of an eternal reward that is worth putting our all into to claim as our own. We will be stetched and endure pain. Just as Christ knew of the Cross, our labors will lead to sweet fruit later
      I was engaged with Muscular Faith from page one. Patterson's easy-going style made it a pleasure to sit down to peruse his thoughts on a strong Christian life. As most can see this life isn't filled with lackadaisical pleasures, but often deals us painful, time-consuming experiences that can either make or break us. The only way they will have eternal value is if we allow the Spirit to strengthen us as we endure these trials for the sake of the Cross.
      Muscular Faith would be a great library addition for most Christians wanting to further their understanding of their personal walk with their Savior. Patterson's masculine analogies of camping, marathon running and wrestling would be well-suited for the athlete or man in particular. I being a thirty-year-old woman still enjoyed his use of analogies, despite not be athletically-inclined. In a bit over 250 pages Muscular Faith can certainly strengthen your own life in Christ.

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