Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review: Walk with God

     BookSneeze has provided me with a copy of With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God on behalf of Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.  With by Skye Jethani may be a simple title, but its content is anything but simple. Where do you stand with God? Do you view yourself and your life under, over, from or for God? We tend to pick one of these four postures as we relate to God. However, Jethani proposes a better way, a more intimate relation to God- with God. At the beginning of Creation God intended to walk with us along our side. As we try to come into closer communion with God we will find that our eternal joy can begin now, rather than later.
     Though the first chapters that dealt with the common four postures were informative, I didn't find myself engaged with the book until the middle. I guess Jethani worked up to the meat of the book and served the potatoes first.  That said, I did enjoy the "with" chapters in the latter half. With God isn't some set formula that works for one and all. Jethani suggests trying different means to attain a more intimate communion with our Father. In Appendix A he provides various prayer techniques and questions to help you engage yourself more with God.

     I always wonder if I am not "doing" prayer right. People often speak of prayer, but rarely do you hear the details. I sit there doubting my time. Is there something more? With allowed me to affirm my communion time with God. It's about experiencing that utter joy and bliss before our Maker, not wondering what to say next, but simply enjoying each other's presence.
    Jethani did an excellent job providing the reader with a clear view what it means to walk With God. This volume is for any Christian wanting to gain a clearer, more concise perspective of their walk with the Lord. I am sure the first several chapters may open many eyes to possible frustrations in their walk. I hope and pray that anyone who picks up this book will not peruse it for amusement, but use it to analyze their lives and make any necessary adjustments to walk With God.
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