Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Over the Top Experience

     Women of Faith here I come...with my mom! I am excited every year I am able to attend this conference for a number of reasons. This  year it isn't any different. We have a countdown of a month and I am ready to roll. First, let me tell you of my first experience with Women of Faith and the surge of faith that has reverberated through me ever since.
     The spring of 2008 I decided I would not only attend Infinite Grace, but I would be willing to lead a group. Let's just say a bit of spiritual warfare tried to stomp on my heart to no avail. I felt God was  leading me. He was, but God always has bigger plans for us. Instead of a group, only one lady was going to attend with me. I was disappointed, yet I wasn't going to let that ruin my weekend with the ladies.
     I drove down Friday afternoon by myself. The other lady couldn't make it the first day. I drive over to the Honda Center after taking the scenic route. I hate to say I made wrong turns- the scenic route sounds smarter. Here's where our Heavenly Father worked his love and grace. As I walked up to the arena alone, I realized I was completely in His freedom. I wasn't nervous or fearful to be alone. I almost cried tears of utter joy. You see, since I was 12 years old I have suffered from clinical depression, anxiety (particularly in crowds), and panic attacks. This was my moment of triumph with God! Better yet, God's triumph in me! I was set free from everything that held me captive.
      So I find my way to my seat. The music from the Women of Faith Worship team moved every happy beat in my heart it could muster. Then to witness the sheer magnitude of women come together from all walks of life, all ages in every array of the rainbow is one of the most God-given surreal experiences in my life. In fact, maybe I should say one of the most real experiences of my life. Glory to God is our purpose. Thousands of ladies coming together singing, in tune or not, was astounding. It felt like a sliver of a glimpse into what our eternal worship of the Almighty will be like.
     In September of 2008 God did pour out His Infinite Grace upon me. It didn't matter who I brought to the event. That freedom of attending the first night by myself allowed me to see that with Him I am never alone. I never needed anyone else's approval or accolades to be a person. I need only His acceptance. Jesus does walk with me and I with Him. In Him I have everything!
     Some women come to be refreshed, others come to meet their Savior and others want to get away. No matter the reason, every women sees God's glory, hears the stories of these women whose faith has been made stronger through trials and in turn can relate to one another. Maybe you are sitting in a valley of your journey and need God to bring you Over the Top. Or maybe you want to thank the Lord for bring you to the top.
     If you have never been to a Women of Faith conference or have, but are indecisive I would invite you to pray about it. Allow God to move your heart to join us as this year the ladies take you Over the Top. Stay tuned for more posts.  Don't forget to check out the preview video. May His love reign always in your life!

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